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Nebraskans for Peace calls on the White House to remove Steve Bannon, Sébastian Gorka, and any other White House staff members associated with Alt-right and neo-Nazi groups. Mr. Trump's failure to call out these groups for their promotion of hatred and violence against Jews and people of color, in Charlottesville and elsewhere, is reprehensible. These groups’ public media have taken great comfort in Trump's positions. As an organization opposed to the use of violence to solve problems, we condemn these groups’ methods and also the present administration's encouragement of violent solutions, both internally and in international situations. We cannot fight Nazism in wars on the one hand and welcome it to the White House on the other. We call on the Nebraska Congressional delegation to sponsor a resolution calling for this removal.

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It’s not just ‘Guns vs. Butter’

Does our massive military spending really make us safer?

by Kevin Martin

President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement is not just a disaster for addressing climate change, it is also detrimental to world peace. The Pentagon long ago determined climate change and its effects such as famine and drought help drive armed conflict—and are major factors in current wars in Africa and the Middle East.

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2017 NFP Scholarship Essay Winners

Addie Pogreba

Lincoln, NE
1st Congressional District
Norris High School
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Turn It Green

The increased rate of human activity has greatly affected the world and its climate. Some may say that humans don’t have much to do with global warming, but they’re just in denial. According to Dr. Harwood, a geologist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, there was a steady rate of carbon dioxide emission up until the peak of humanity began. That rate then spiked, and the parts per million of carbon dioxide released have never been higher. There is a direct relationship between human activity and the increased rate of carbon dioxide emission. The human race can’t undo everything they’ve already done, but there are many simple things the average household can do in order to steer the environment back to its healthy self.

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China, Solar and ‘Soft Power’

By Bruce E. Johansen, Frederick W. Kayser Professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and the author of the forthcoming Climate Change: An Encyclopedia of Science, Society, and Solutions.

China has gone on a solar-power building binge meant explicitly to show the world that it now leads on climate change, and that the United States under President Donald Trump is on its way to global irrelevance. Trump, as has been his custom, is doubling down on stupidity.

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The Slow Work of Whiteclay

by Paul Olson, President Emeritus

Recently, the Liquor Commission and Attorney General, under pressure from the Nebraska Legislature, churches and a variety of groups voted to close Whiteclay liquor stores—the culmination of a 40-year battle by Nebraskans for Peace and a century-long battle by the Native Americans at the Pine Ridge.

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